Yet another year passes by and the year 2023 is smiling down on us with ample investment opportunities. Investors can trade on the biggest stock exchanges in India NSE and BSE during normal trading sessions as well as on MCX which is the commodity exchange in the country. There will be several days when trading on these platforms will be suspended on account of holidays. 

Given below is the list of such holidays in 2023 when the normal trading session will be suspended on NSE, BSE, and MCX.

  • NSE

NSE is the biggest stock exchange in the country and handles huge volumes of transactions on a daily basis. The list of holidays across various segments on NSE is given below.

    • Equity, Equity Derivatives, and SLB Segments

Sr. No.HolidaysDateDay
1Republic DayJanuary 26, 2023Thursday
2HoliMarch 07, 2023Tuesday
3Ram NavamiMarch 30, 2023Thursday
4Mahavir JayantiApril 04, 2023Tuesday
5Good FridayApril 07, 2023Friday
6Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar JayantiApril 14, 2023Friday
7Maharashtra DayMay 01, 2023Monday
8Bakri IdJune 28, 2023Wednesday
9Independence DayAugust 15, 2023Tuesday
10Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 19, 2023Tuesday
11Mahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 02, 2023Monday
12DussehraOctober 24, 2023Tuesday
13Diwali BalipratipadaNovember 14, 2023Tuesday
14Gurunanak JayantiNovember 27, 2023Monday
15ChristmasDecember 25, 2023Monday

Following Holidays are Falling on Saturday / Sunday

Sr. No.HolidaysDateDay
1MahashivratriFebruary 18, 2023Saturday
2Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)April 22, 2023Saturday
3MuharramJuly 29, 2023Saturday
4Diwali * Laxmi PujanNovember 12, 2023Sunday

Muhurat trading will be conducted on 12th November 2023 and the timings for the same will be notified in due course.  


  • Currency Derivatives Segments

Sr. No.HolidaysDateDay
1Republic DayJanuary 26, 2023Thursday
2HoliMarch 07, 2023Tuesday
3GudhipadwaMarch 22, 2023Wednesday
4Ram NavamiMarch 30, 2023Thursday
5Mahavir JayantiApril 04, 2023Tuesday
6Good FridayApril 07, 2023Friday
7Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar JayantiApril 14, 2023Friday
8Maharashtra DayMay 01, 2023Monday
9Buddha PournimaMay 05,2023Friday
10Bakri IdJune 28, 2023Wednesday
11Independence DayAugust 15, 2023Tuesday
12Parsi New YearAugust 16, 2023Wednesday
13Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 19, 2023Tuesday
14Id-E-MiladSeptember 28, 2023Thursday
15Mahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 02, 2023Monday
16DussehraOctober 24, 2023Tuesday
17Diwali BalipratipadaNovember 14, 2023Tuesday
18Gurunanak JayantiNovember 27, 2023Monday
19ChristmasDecember 25, 2023Monday

Following Holidays are Falling on Saturday / Sunday

Sr. No.HolidaysDateDay
1MahashivratriFebruary 18, 2023Saturday
2Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj JayantiFebruary 19, 2023Sunday
3Annual Bank ClosingApril 01, 2023Saturday
4Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)April 22, 2023Saturday
5MuharramJuly 29, 2023Saturday
6Diwali * Laxmi PujanNovember 12, 2023Sunday


  • MCX

Sr. No.HolidaysDateDayMorning Session 9 am to 5 pmEvening Session  5 pm to 11:30 / 11:55 pm
1Republic DayJanuary 26, 2023ThursdayClosedClosed
2HoliMarch 07, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
3Ram NavamiMarch 30, 2023ThursdayClosedOpen
4Mahavir JayantiApril 04, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
5Good FridayApril 07, 2023FridayClosedClosed
6Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar JayantiApril 14, 2023FridayClosedOpen
7Maharashtra DayMay 01, 2023MondayClosedOpen
8Bakri IdJune 28, 2023WednesdayClosedOpen
9Independence DayAugust 15, 2023TuesdayClosedClosed
10Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 19, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
11Mahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 02, 2023MondayClosedClosed
12DussehraOctober 24, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
13Diwali BalipratipadaNovember 14, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
14Gurunanak JayantiNovember 27, 2023MondayClosedOpen
15ChristmasDecember 25, 2023MondayClosedClosed

Following Holidays are Falling on Saturday / Sunday

Sr. No.HolidaysDateDay
1New Year DayJanuary 01, 2023Sunday
2MahashivratriFebruary 18, 2023Saturday
3Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)April 22, 2023Saturday
4MuharramJuly 29, 2023Saturday
5Diwali * Laxmi PujanNovember 12, 2023Sunday


The above list mentions all the holidays in 2023 when trading will be suspended across all the segments on the three important stock exchanges in the country. Normal trading will be carried out on the following day on all three portals. Traders and investors are advised to plan their trades accordingly and create a successful portfolio. Apart from these dates, if the normal trading sessions are suspended due to any unforeseen reasons, the same will be notified to the investor and traders via notifications and information on the respective stock exchanges.

Hope this information helps you plan your days and enjoy the holidays as well!

Written by Marisha Bhatt

Marisha Bhatt is a financial content writer @TrueData. She writes with the sole aim of simplifying complex financial concepts and jargon while attempting to clarify technical and fundamental analysis concepts of the stock markets. The ultimate goal is to spread vital knowledge and benefit the maximum audience. Her Chartered Accountant background acts as the knowledge base to help clarify crucial concepts and create a sound investment portfolio.

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