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TrueData Websocket API: A live session

TrueData Cheetah Webinar

Scan like a Cheetah...To Trade Like a PRO
TrueData Cheetah Webinar held on 24th October 2020, Timing: 12PM-01PM
Key aspects of Webinar
???? Fundamentals of Scanners.
???? Significance of Scanners.
???? How to Apply Scanners in TrueData Cheetah.
???? Types of Scanners in TrueData Cheetah.
???? How Scanners can be an asset for you while trading.

Nison Candle Scanner

Nison Candle Scanner Webinar held on June 13, 2020 AT 8:30PM IST

This innovative software helps you instantly find Steve Nison's favorite candle patterns in your markets, saves you HOURS of research time, and boosts your trading confidence

???? Save Hours of Research Time
???? Automatically See Steve Nison's Favorite Candle Patterns
???? Discover Which Patterns are Happening Now
???? Benefit From Strict Criteria
???? Which Patterns Are On Specific Charts
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Handling Data Programmatically using TrueData APIs

Webinar - Using TrueData Velocity 2 0 Effectively & with NinjaTrader 7, Excel, Amibroker & Python