• Unmatched Features.....(Click Here to Expand)

    Does your Current Data Vendor Provide all of This :-

    1. Easy Importing and Exporting Data (Tick, 1, 5 min, EOD) Facility Directly from Velocity 2.0

    2. SQL Cache Engine Enabling Local Data Storage Facility. All data is always stored on your PC

    3. Same Data Stored Locally is available for all your TA Applications. 

    4. Ninja Trader - 3 times Faster due to the data being stored locally

    5. Upto 20 Days of Tick Data (All 50,000 + symbols)

    6. Multiple Options to Force Backfill Data Directly From Amibroker - 1 Day, 2,5,10 Days and All Day Backfill 

    7. Backfilling Data Does Not Delete your Older Data Exported or Saved Earlier

    8. Work In Offline Mode (No Internet Requited)

    9. Indices (Spot) Data available with your F&O Subscription

    10. All in one data plugin which merges Amibroker ADK with eSignal emulated plugin, giving you Open Interest in Amibroker & more. View & use data in Amibroker, Ninja Trader7 & Excel simultaneously. Integration with Excel - RTD (For Real time) & Historical data downloads (Tick, 1 , 5, 15, 60 mins, EOD)

    11. Carry your entire database (in 1 file only- data2.fdb) on a pen drive & share it or move it to any other PC easily. No need to download the data again everywhere.

    12. EOD candle Updates in Real Time also along with the 1 min / Tick charts (unlike Local Database Data Vendors)

    13. View both Continuous & Contract Futures Simultaneously - NIFTY-I, NIFTY_I and NIFTY16APRFUT. NIFTY_I has been added to accomodate Ninja Trader 7 requirements.

    14. Only Incremental Data Downloaded from the servers saving a lot of internet bandwidth. history once downloaded will not be requested again

    Lots more... Take a trial to evaluate it for yourself. Regster now by clicking on Getting Started ! We will help you set up and get you going in just a few minutes.

  • Longer History Backfill.....(Click Here to Expand)

    With TrueData Velocity you can get :-

    Tick History (Level 1)             - 1 Calender Month (20 Trading Days)

    1 min History                         - 1.5 Months

    5 min History                         - 2 Months 

    15 min History                       - 3 Months

    60 min History                       - 5 Months 

    EOD history                           - 11+ Years

  • Unique Automated Trading Solution.....(Click Here to Expand)

    TrueData Auto Trader (Amibroker to NEST+) << Coming Soon....

    1. The TrueData Auto Trader allows you to Trade Directly from your Amibroker Chart to NEST+. (You need to get NEST+ - PLus Trading PLugin, to be activated from your broker)

    2. You dont need to move away from your chart at all. You can Buy, Sell and Square Off all in just one click from your Amibroker Charts. You will also be able to Track Your MTM directly on the chart. 

    3. The Auto Trader also gives you the power toTrade automatically. If you have system which has proven to give good results, you can use it to remove emotions and thereby generat a lot of profits. 

    4. You can use the Auto Trader to integrate with any broker at all. (The broker would need to be providing you NEST or NOW. The application will also integarte with Trade Tiger soon) If you need help regarding these issues, please look up our Knowlege Base articles & FAQ or contact us for a set up session.

    5. Line Trading has now been added to the TrueData Auto Trader. To see how this works, please see the video tutorials on the same.

    6. It is possible to place Target Orders & Stop Loss, automatically along with your Manual / Line Trading orders.

    7. Allow your AFL to select the Qty / Lot Size.

    8. Automatic mapping of symbol names (eg. NIFTY-I) and lots sizes (eg. 75 in case of NIFTY-I automatically)

    Lots more.

    >> More Auto & Algo Trading solutions are 'Work in Progress' and would be released from time to time.

  • Multiple Support Channels.....(Click Here to Expand)

    Unmatched Support via Multiple Channels

    1. Access our Knowledge Base & FAQ

    2. View the Video Tutorials to help you get started

    3. Drop us a message through our Contact Us page

    4. Email us on support@truedata.in

    5. Schedule a Remote Setup Assistance (Teamviewer Session)

    6. Live Chat with us on our Website

    7. Raise a Ticket to address a pending problem

    8. Report a Bad Tick / Irregular Quote / Spike

    9. Provide a Feedback or an Idea to help improve your Tool(s)

    10. Call us on +91-7304-22-44-66.

  • No Additional Subscription required for Additional PCs (One at a Time)

    Use at Home & Office and more at No Additional Cost

    No Additional License Required :-

    > When you buy Velocity 2.0, there is no need to purchase additional licences for using the same product on another PC. 

    > You will have the freedom of using the same login id at office ;) (while working) and then the same user id at home without any requirement of an additional id. 

    > In fact you can use the same id on an unlimited number of PCs

    * You will need additional licenses only when you wish to run the applications' simultaneously on multiple PCs.

  • Ongoing Integration with Brokers .....(Click Here to Expand)

    Are you a Broker & Need a Specific Solution - Talk to us, we are interested in working with you

    If you represent a brokerage, please contact us for your requirements / ideas / suggestions / proposals / integration needs / software development requirements.  >> contact@truedata.in

    If you are interested in offering your clients with exceptional software for tracking the markets, we can also integrate / tailor our products (Velocity 2.0 / Auto Trader(s))  for your clients.

    Our Current Major Brokerage Partners Incude :-

    1. MasterTrust - Algo API Integration coming soon
    2. Zerodha - Discounts for Data if Accounts opened via us
    3. Tradejini - Full Brokerage reversal upto amount paid for Data subscription
    4. Finvaisa - Auto Trading Integration from Amibroker
    5. ..... contact us for more.
  • About Us..........(Click Here to Expand)

    About TrueData

    TrueData Financial Information Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to offer various innovative software solutions to the financial services sector.

    The company’s strategic partners include, CDP(India) Pvt. Ltd. 

    TrueData is a Channel Partner of CDP (India) Pvt. Ltd., an Authorized NSE Data Vendor.

    The company is now on a path, as described by our tag line - ‘Positioning You for Profits!' , to offer products and services which cover the entire spectrum for the user. Most of our progress is based on the exceptional feedback we have garnered from the industry, our users, subscribers & well wishers.

    As we look ahead, we see ourselves offering a variety of applications, solutions & services, related to Technical Analysis, Market Analytics, Automated & Algo Trading and various other software solutions for the financial services industry.

    Do leave us a feedback or drop us a mail if you wish to collaborate or have an idea which we could implement.

    We are currently looking for Angel Investors / Venture Capitalists - Upwards of $1.5 mil. Please contact us, if interested.

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