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Subscription for TrueData Services + Trading Through TRADEJINI = TrueData Subscription 50% Fee Reversal


 TrueData customers opening a trading account with Tradejini, through us, will be eligible for brokerage reversal as per the subscription fees.


 TrueData customers will be eligible for brokerage reversal on a pro-rata monthly basis.



 For example, Customers opting for 6 months of Optima (with Equity & FnO) plan of Rs.14,448 or 12 months of 1Market View (with Equity & FnO) plan of Rs.30,063 are eligible for pro-rata brokerage reversal of Rs.1,204 pm and Rs.1,252 pm respectively.



 Customers are eligible for full monthly brokerage reversal if the brokerage is less than or equal to the monthly pro-rata eligibility.



 If monthly brokerage is higher than the monthly pro-rata eligibility then brokerage reversal will be limited to the monthly pro-rata amount only



 This offer is for new customers of Tradejini opening trading accounts exclusively through TrueData.



 No 2 offers can be combined for this purpose.



 The credit would be reversed to customer Bank Account or Adjusted with TrueData Subs(Optional).


 This Offer Valid from 01-Sep-2016 to 31-Aug-2017 if you subscribe on Monthly basis than you will get benefit as per the latest offer going on.


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