Fin Alg

Financial Algorithms provide advanced programming services for hedge funds and retail traders. Final employees have many years of programming experience and understand the high demands of the trading industry. We can deliver tailor-made solutions to meet our customer's requirements. Financial Algorithms specializes in development and backtesting of automatic strategies including:


They are providing various indicators for NinjaTrader 7 and 8 both like.


1. Market Profile TPO


2. Market Balance/ Order Flow


3. TPO and Volume Profile Chart - Range Select


4.  Market Profile Lines


5. Delta Divergence & Accumulated Delta


Bell TPO

Market Profile charting is a powerful tool and is considered to be one of the best technique to analyze any world or Indian indices/ stocks.  Professional Technical Experts use Market Profile Software for analyzing and for trading decisions/ online trading.   In India, trading professionals are using market profile software in Ninjatrader platform mostly for Nifty charts technical analysis.   There are a few market profile trading strategies that can support a trader in taking objective trading decisions.


Bell TPO Provides the Various Indicators for NinjaTrader 8.

1. Bell Market Profile


2. Bell Order Flow


3. Bell R Delta Alerts


4. Bell Volume Spread


5. Bell Trend Analyzer