Market Replay Data Not Available on NT 8

Abilash S shared this problem 10 months ago
Not a Problem

Hi, when I request market replay data for, let's say NIFTY_I, I get an error message saying "there is no market replay data available for this instrument/date".

What should I do to get market replay data on NT 8?

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You need to make sure that the market replay data is available in Ninja Trader 8.

In Tools > Options > Market Data > Enable Market Data for playback (Tick this)

Now it will start storing the data and then you can playback post market hours by disconnecting the Velocity plugin.


No, it is a problem. It has been advertised on the page. Check this URL.

As far as historical data is concerned, I wouldn't have recorded it for market replay. Also, consider the fact that I may have lost internet connectivity for a while.

When it's advertised, I expect it to work.

Here is the screenshot when I request data for a specific day.