Auto Trading Application

Kapil Marwaha shared this idea 4 years ago
Partly Implemented

Are you going to / Have you connected the API to trade from :-

  1. Amibroker to Nest ?
  2. Ninja to Nest ?
  3. Which brokers do you support as of now ? I mean to live trade through API ?

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(1) Is almost complete - Amibroker to NEST +

(2) Will come a little later

(3) Features of Amibroker to NEST +

  • Trade with any broker who provides NEST and activates NEST+ account. Most will do it, including Zerodha, MasterTrust, Tradejini etc..
  • Manual Trading possible from chart - Click on Bid to Sell & Ask to Buy.
  • No need to enter symbol name in parameters. Symbol name (including NIFTY-I etc.. ) will automatically be mapped.
  • Know your open qty on the chart along with your Live MTM
  • Trade using Lot size or Qty.

(4) Algo solutions via Excel coming next

A lot more.

Snapshot of the Auto trader >



which of start of auto trade software?


we have already launched this application ..

Please make sure you see the Pre Requisites Video Tutorials before you get this activated.



Is this fully automatic or semi automated? Is there a manual intervention even after using nest plus ?



Automation has nothing to do with the plugin. Automation is provided to you by the broker.

As per SEBI regulations, the broker will have to provide semi automated trading access to 'investors' and fully automated can only be provided to 'dealers' (aka. Authourized Persons - AP).

Please contact your broker for the same.


Hello Kapil,

I appreciate your effort towards Truedata for making things easier.

I have an idea, thought of discussing with you.

I use zerodha pi for Trade execution, Amibroker for Technical Analysis & Excel SW for Data Analysis.

I have the following questions in my mind as of now.

1. Suppose I have written an AFL which Generates some BUY/SELL Signals & Linked to Truedata Autotrading plugin, is it possible for complete automation. What would be the limitations?

Eg., (i) Entering Position :

AFL Generated BUY for ADANIENT --> BUY 1 lot(ADANIENT JUL FUTURES) ~ Autotrading executes from

Amibroker itself using plugin/Zerodha pi

(ii) Exit POS

Same AFL generates SELL --> SELL same ADANIENT SELL --> Autotrading executes & Order Complete

In the above Process what would be the role of Autotrading Application & Zerodha Pi? As it is a complete

autotrading AFL what would be the possible limitations from SEBI, Broker(zerodha pi & from your(truedata) side?

Please make us understand about these limitations because the Process would make us easier to implement our strategies in the future & even for every truedata Customer...


Currently, we are not supporting the Auto trading application for NEST+.

Once we see some improvments in NEST+ and also regulatory updates by SEBI for automated trading, we will bring this service back.


Hello Kapil,

//(4) Algo solutions via Excel coming next//

Kindly update the status on this. Have you guys already launched this algo from excel or when is it likely to be launched.

Thanks in advance,


We have postponed the auto trading integration from Excel till better APIs are available for automated trading and also the SEBI regulations become more conducive towards automated trading for retail traders.


Hi Kapil,

I have started the trial for TrueData to be used with NinjaTrade 8. Now, Please can you help me i want to clarify the below,

The names of the symbols are different for my brokerage and the one's coming from TrueData. For eg. TrueData symbol for Nifty Futures would be "Nifty_I" but the same symbol on my broker's platform is "NIFTY17JUNFUT" and if the TrueData symbol is passed to my broker's application then it may not accept and order maybe rejected. My broker is Zerodha. How would i be able to setup a semi automated trading?


Hello Parag,

Velocity provides you multiple symbol formats. You can easily use "NIFTY17JUNFUT" and also the standard Ninja8 format which is "NIFTY 06-17".

All symbols in velocity are as per the standard NSE symbols. The ones with '-I' and '_I' are for continuous future symbols which are generated by us.

In the Velocity front end, you can explore the symbol available by unticking 'Show active symbols' and enter the symbol in the search bar.

Please check and revert for more clarification.