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You can count on Nison Candle Scanner's ability to accurately pinpoint correct candle patterns
Save Hours of Research Time
Let this software do all the hard work for you so you can focus your time and attention on making smarter trading decisions
Automatically See Steve Nison's Favorite Candle Patterns
With just a few mouse clicks, you can unleash your computer to automatically find the best patterns selected by Steve Nison for strong, reliable decision making
Discover Which Patterns are Happening Now
Nison Candle Scanner instantly finds all occurences of any pattern you choose… across all markets to help you zero in on the best trading opportunities
Benefit From Strict Criteria
Steve has tightened the candle pattern criteria so you’ll have greater confidence in the reversal signals
Which Patterns Are On Specific Charts
A great training opportunity to help you identify the patterns that are happening on the charts you are watching right now

Introducing Nison Candle Scanner

With Nison Candle Scanner you get my in-depth knowledge and experience I’ve worked hard to develop. I’ve literally written the “Bibles” of candlestick charting.
You just pick the pattern you want from a list and – in real time – you’ll see those signals in your markets pattern pop-up right on your computer screen!
And it’s so remarkably easy to use. You don’t need to know how to program a computer. You don’t need to write any formula code. You don’t even need to know how to tell the difference between a “hammer” and a “doji.” That’s our job.
Then you can use your favorite technical tools to zero in on the markets with confirming signals to help put the odds in your favor and maximize your trading potential.

This Is How It Filters The Candlestick Patterns

With Nison Candle Scanner™ you can filter a universe of markets (stocks, indexes, Forex, futures, etc) for any specific candlestick signal — and then watch as ALL the markets with that pattern will be listed. Then just click on a market to view the chart!
Step 1. Pick one or more of my 28 favorite candle signals. (These signals are all pre-programmed and ready to use!) In this example, I've picked a Bullish Engulfing Pattern.   Step 2. Choose a single market, or a market group for which you want to find the patterns, such as S&P 500. You can even put your own list of markets to filter (i.e., the 10 markets you track most closely). For this example I chose the Dow stocks to filter for a bullish engulfing pattern
Step 3. All of the markets that are currently in the pattern we've selected show up in this quick and easy pick list.   Step 4. When you view the chart (in this case MMM) the pattern's signal is highlighted on the chart for you to view in an instant!

...And Highlights The Patterns On Your Charts

In addition to finding all of the markets that are currently in a particular candlestick pattern, you can also use Nison Candle Scanner™ to quickly identify all of the different candlestick patterns that appeared in a specific time frame for any individual stock or market.
And there are two ways to have the Nison pattern displayed: the full name of the pattern (as show above) or as an abbreviation of the pattern name.
As a bonus, if you use the abbreviation of the pattern name, all you need do is click on the abbreviation and the full name is displayed at the lower left.

Plus Custom Chart Alerts

Select a market (or a group of markets) and in real-time get alerts when ANY of those markets hit the Nison candle patterns you want to follow. Works in any time frame. This is a great time saver!
Step 1. Pick any (or all!) of the pre-programmed Nison candle signals to automatically track in your markets.   Step 2. Customize your alerts with a pop-up window, special audio alerts, and more!
Step 3. Choose the markets you want Nison Candle Scanner to automatically track for you and you're ready to go!   Step 4. When any of your Nison candle signals occur on any of your markets, you'll be alerted instantly!

Also set up your Alert Window to be notified in REAL TIME when any of the candle signals and markets you're following hit a candle signal.

In this example, the alert is set to show bull candle signals as green and bear signals as red