As promised we are launching MCX in July 2018. Make use of this Pre launch offer to lock in your MCX pricing @ only Rs. 1666/- per month (payable annually)


  1. All MCX Futures and Options, included in this package. (approx 160-200 symbols). Post-launch cost for this package would be around Rs. 3030 per month

  2. This Pre Launch price would be valid up to 01-July-2018 only

  3. We are starting MCX Real-time Data on or before 15 July 2018. Your subscription would start from the day you start the service. In case you have a current subscription, you can plan to start this service post the completion of your current services with your current vendor

  4. This pricing is for TrueData Velocity 2.0 along with all MCX Symbols (Futures & Options included)

  5. This offer would not be valid post the launch of the services

  6. Payment can be made now, directly from this link to avail this offer