What is Velocity ? What is Optima ?

  1. TrueData™ Velocity is a Very Smart Market Data Plugin Software which can connect any source feed to various Technical Analysis Software. Velocity 2.0 is the upgraded next gen data plugin version which brings in lots of useful features including managing your own data along with importing & exporting data from and to the application itself.  This software can connect to multiple TA applications - at the same time, off the same data subscription, - on the same PC, which includes :-
    • Amibroker ( All Versions) - With both Amibroker ADK plugin & eSignal Plugin
    • Advanced Get RT 9.0 (Recommended - Dashboard Edition for eSignal)
    • NinjaTrader 7 (32 bit version)
    • NinjaTrader 8 (32 bit version)
    • NinjaTrader 6.5
    • Metastock 
    • MultiCharts
    • Fibonacci Galactic Trader
    • NeuroShell Trader
    • Arthachitra
    • Updata
    • Microsoft Excel (Real Time & Historical) using RTD & Excel Add-Ins
    • Now compatible with these programming languages also:-
      • Python
      • C#.NET
      • COM
    • ...More being added continuously
  2. There are 3 versions of Velocity. These are :-
    • TrueData™ Velocity Lite - Limits the number of symbols you can import to a max of 5 symbols at a time. More symbols can be bought as Add on.
    • TrueData™ Velocity Standard - Limited to a max of 50 symbols at a time and can be used on up to 2 machines (One at a time).
    • TrueData™ Velocity Optima - 200+ Symbols at a time. Use on up to 2 machines (login from any one  machine at a time)
  3. A detailed comparison of these two products is shown here >> Comparison for TrueData™ Velocity Series.
  4. With TrueData™ Velocity you can run multiple instances of any Technical Analysis (Like multiple instances of Amibroker) and also multiple TA applications (Like Ninja Trader, Advanced Get, Amibroker etc.. ) all running at the same time on the same PC with the same data subscription.
  5. To know more about TrueData™ Velocity series of product you can visit the product page for Velocity here >> TrueData™ Velocity
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