How to Connect Velocity 2.0 to NinjaTrader 8 ?

Step 1:- You need to update Velocity 2.0 (min build from this link >> Download New Version

How to check the version of Velocity 2.0 installed ? >> Click Here

Step 2:-

Please make sure full admin rights are provided to NinjaTrader8.exe and Velocity 2.0 else you will get the Error #740 which means the application does not have the authority to talk to any other application. Providing admin rights would solve the problem,

Now, Open NinjaTrader 8 (32 & 64 bit both)>> 

Download the TrueData NinjaTrader Plugin from here >> TrueData_NT8_Release_x86

Now Go to the Tools>> Import >> Ninja Script >>

Now go back to the main Ninja plugin folder which you downloaded.. (do not extract the zip file)

Go to the...

 >> C Dive >> Program File (x86) >> TrueData >> TrueData Velocity 2.0

Click "Yes" now all NinjaTraders scripts import in NT8

Now Go to The Connections >> Configure >>


Now you will find "TrueData" in Connections  >> Just Add it as per the screen below..

Now Enter your TrueData ID and Pass (It should be same as per the subscription Mail)

Also Tick Mark on Connect on Start up..

Now Save all and Restart NinjaTrader 8 >>

Now Go to the Tools >> Options >> Market Data and in Global Merge policy select " Do Not Merge"

Apply and OK.

Now Go to The New  >> Charts 

Now Enter Instrument Name >> E.g:- NIFTY_I

For MCX Symbol Please follow the below settings:-

Click Ok and see your Chart >>

All Symbols (Except Options) are added in Ninja Automatically.

You Don't need to add Equity, Indices and Future (_I, _II and _III) symbols.

You need to use "^" to see Indices Chart.. eg. ^NIFTY (NIFTY spot index)

To know more about symbols format please click here >> Symbols Format for Velocity 2.0

Let's see NIFTY spot

Contract Future :- NIFTY 11-16 (we follow the NinjaTrader nomenclature for contract futures - these can be rolled over in NinjaTrader 8 )

Market Balance Indicator:-

Now you can also use BELL and GOMI indicators with Ninja8.

However, to see the order flow analytics, GOMI, Bell indicators you need to additionally do the following settings, as shown >> Here

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