How to update TrueData NinjaTrader 8 Plugin Scripts ?

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>> Make sure Velocity2.0 is closed, after which you need to follow the following simple steps as below:

Step 1: Open NinjaTrader 8

Step 2: Go to the Tools >>Remove Ninja Script Assembly

Step 3: Select both & Now Remove both the scripts



Step 4 (Important):

Close NinjaTrader 8 and restart it again…

Step 5: Once you open your Ninjatrader please go to the Tools >> import >> Ninja Script Add-On

Step 6: Now download the New TrueData NT8 Plugin (32 bit or 64 bit) from the below given link(s)




>> Usually the downloaded files gets saved in “Downloads” folder, go to Download folder

>> Select or click on Open button to import the plugin

  • I repeat “DO NOT UNZIP these files”

Step 7:

Now go to the Connection >> Configure

Step 8:

In case My TrueData is already present in Configured, please select it and click remove.

Now, from the top (Connections available) find TrueData from the available list and set up as shown above.

Enter ID and Pass as “TrueData”

Last but not the least just click on Apply and restart your NinjaTrader 8.

Step 9 (Important):

Close NinjaTrader 8 and restart it again…

That’s all!

Happy Trading !

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